last time

19 Apr

actually i really duno wat they say

dis feeling really bad

i dun like

but it still happen in my life

wat did i can do for it?!

i dun wan!!!!

why v cant start again???


damn bad!!!


bye hometown!

4 Apr

this is my last time back my hometown…

pulau ketam

my heart was break because of their action..

they dont care about us!!


they was my grandparents!!!

i HATE them forever!!!

this place

this was my other blog!!!


24 May

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just for fun!

11 Feb

please choose it!!!

do again

2 Feb

actually this post is almost same with the last one…

and i really like this picture..

this story is best..

this link is about my hometown…

also is the place which break my heart…

i think i will not back to my grandparent’s house after this year…

this is my last time…

i already give them many chance…

i wait for their caring along 17 year…

but now i already tired and hopeless…

so i just let it go away from me…



Pulau Ketam

happy new year!!!

19 Jan


happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

although its holiday….

bt many homework!!!!



juz for fun…


first time~~~

12 Jan

dis is my 3rd blog…

bt dis is my 1st time use dis wordpress…

dis is a blog dat skul ask me to open it!!!!

i thk after form 5 , dis account will be delete by me!!!!


actually nth to do at here…

i nt so like dis one lo…


den wat did i nid to do nw???

who can tell me???


mayb go to visit my frenz’s blog?

or juz stay at here until dis period pass???

and i dunno hw to use dis blog!!!


help me pls~~~

i dun like dis themes!!!

although i noe can upload dat theme i like, bt i duno hw!!!

who can tell me???

jing jing can tell me???

pei zhen can u tell me???

bt i thk nop…